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Clear Aligners
for Teens

Clear Aligner Treatment for Active Teens

Teens love the idea of “invisible braces” just as much as adults do, leading to increased popularity and demand amongst adolescent patients seeking an effective, practically unnoticeable solution for their smile alignment journey. Traditionally, braces have been the only treatment option available to teens, however, modern technology has introduced wider options for teens, including clear aligners that straighten teeth without the accompanying restrictions to their lifestyle and confidence.

Active Aligners for Teens

Active Aligners Teen are for teens with fully erupted permanent dentition (no primary or erupting teeth)

The Active Aligners Teen Solution

Parents who have teenagers in need of orthodontic treatment can now consider Active Aligners Teen as an effective alternative to traditional braces. As tooth movement is pre-planned by the provider, the visits to the practice are usually much simpler and fewer overall. This is a great advantage for teens and parents living busy lives!

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The Benefits of Active Aligners Teen

With the clear comfortable technology of Active Aligners, teens can smile confidently at every step of their smile journey. Parents have the reassurance that their child is on the fast track to a straighter, healthier smile, without excessive costs in time and money.


Discreet for Confidence

The stigma associated with the look of metal braces cause many teens to experience anxiety and avoid straightening their teeth altogether. Active Aligners Teen are virtually invisible, offering teens an effective yet unnoticeable solution to confidently express their authentic self with a smile they love.

Oral Health

Straight Smiles = Healthy Smiles

Active Aligners are removed when eating, drinking or brushing teeth, which soon become second nature to teen patients, fostering good oral hygiene habits. Oral hygiene with traditional braces is more of a challenge because of the fixed wires and brackets.

Treatment Time

Efficient and Convenient

Active Aligners should be worn for 20-22 hours every day to avoid extending treatment periods and ensure the best outcomes are achieved.
Teens generally require an average of 6 months. With more complex cases taking up to a year.


Minimal Discomfort

Active Aligners are made from medical grade thermoplastic material. Worn for 2 weeks at a time they gently move teeth in increments, unlike traditional braces made of metal wires and brackets that can cause irritation by poking and scratching cheeks and exerting a greater force with each adjustment which may cause increased discomfort.

Final Outcomes

Predetermined Smile Results

Active Aligners Providers conduct a comprehensive dental exam, collecting data for diagnoses and to determine candidacy. CAD software is used to develop personalised treatment plans according to the treating doctors instructions, detailing each step and presenting the expected smile result.

Lifestyle Impacts

Unrestrictive Daily Living

The perfect solution for the active teen of busy parents, aligner treatment requires fewer dental visits than traditional braces with less time lost at work and school. All aligner sets are given to the treating doctor in advance. Teens who play certain instruments, contact sports, enjoy crunchy foods or feel anxious about the look of braces, can now take on their smile journey with confidence.

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Ready – Set – Smile
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Active Aligners Teen Packaging

Active Aligners Instruction Guide

Instruction Guide

An Instruction Guide lays out everything a patient needs to know and do to ensure the most effective and comfortable treatment.

Active Aligners Trays

Active Aligners trays are received as the full treatment and packaged by stage so that doctors and their patients have full control over the treatment progress for the best outcome possible.
Active Aligners - Smile Club File

Aligner File

To keep Active Aligners as comfortable as possible, a handy aligner file can used to file down any edges as needed.
Active Aligners - Smile Club Chewies & Removal Tool

Chewies & Removal Tool

Chewies are cylindrical and consist of a spongy plastic-like material. They help firmly seat Active Aligners onto teeth by biting down on them from one end of the mouth to the other.

A Removal Tool is handy to assist in removing Active Aligners that are seated tightly to teeth by hooking it towards the molars and moving around to the front.

Active Aligners - Smile Club Cheek Retractor

Cheek Retractor

In order to ensure treatment is on track by keeping progressive records with photos which patients send to dentists as requested. Use the hands-free cheek retractor to take comprehensive, accurate photos of teeth.
Active Aligners - Smile Club Lip Balm

Lip Balms

Lips are part of the smile you love too! Active Aligners lip balms are made to keep your lips moisturised during your smile journey.
Active Aligners - Smile Club Protective Case

Aligners Case

Storing Active Aligners trays in a protective case when not being worn is the best way to keep them safe from damage or loss.