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We make smiles
perfectly simple.

Clear braces that affordably straighten most smiles in an average of 6 months*

Why Active Aligners?

Not all aligners are created equal


Active Aligners provide you with a comfortable, removable, transparent, predictable and effective means to straighten your teeth and get a smile worth showing.


Quality treatment planning, 3D printing, positive pressure thermoforming and leading materials all come together to provide you with a clear aligner treatment like no other.

Treatment Planning

Each Active Aligner case is manufactured according to a truly world-class treatment plan signed-off by your treating dental professional.


We’re available to our dental professionals 24/7 to ensure they have the support needed to provide you with a smile you’ll love.

Active Aligners in 3 simple steps

1. Make a lasting impression

Book a consultation with an Active Aligners provider to have your 3D scan or impression taken.

2. Start your smile journey

Once your provider has approved your case, your Active Aligners will be ready for collection in approximately 2 weeks and you can begin treatment.

3. Keep smiling

Wear your Active Aligners as per your provider’s instructions. After your Active Aligner journey, it’s important to wear the included retainers to hold your new smile in place.

How Active Aligners work

Ready, Set, Smile.
Find an Active Aligners provider

What are Active Aligners?

Think clear braces.

Prescribed by a dental professional, Active Aligners are clear aligners specifically designed to align teeth in a predictable, comfortable and discreet manner.

Instead of metal brackets, wires or screws, a series of transparent thermoplastic ‘aligners’ are worn in stages to achieve the desired results.

Active Aligners are frequently prescribed to correct varying cases of misaligned teeth, gaps between teeth and rotated teeth.